Penny Board vs Skateboard

Penny board is a small, narrow, and thin board that’s typically around 22″ long. It usually has four wheels arranged …

Penny board is a small, narrow, and thin board that’s typically around 22″ long. It usually has four wheels arranged evenly on the bottom of the board. Penny boards are sturdy, unlike traditional skateboards. The design of the penny board is based on the original roller skates.

Skateboarding is a type of transportation device used by skaters. It is a platform with four wheels arranged in two sets of two, one at the front and one at the back. The front and rear wheels are usually about twice the size of the other two. Skateboards can be used for many different purposes, such as transportation, tricks, or racing.

There are many debates over what is the best way to get around on four wheels. Some people swear by skateboards while others think penny boards are the way to go. In this article, we will look at both options.

Penny Board Pros and Cons

The traditional skateboard is prized for its all-terrain capability, speed, and stability. Penny boards aren’t as fast but are much more stable to ride on their wheels than a conventional daredevil rollerskate.

Some say penny boards are better suited for younger riders because of their stability, whereas skateboards are better for more experienced, trick expert riders.

Skateboarding is more stable than rollerblading, especially if the terrain is uneven. Penny boards can be much easier to balance on in these instances because they are smaller and don’t have a center of gravity as bulky skateboards do.

Safety has always been an important benefit of using penny boards over traditional rollerskates, believing that penny boards won’t allow you to fall or slip off your wheels like conventional skates.

Some people think that penny boards aren’t as fast or as dangerous as traditional skateboards, but this is not true. Penny boards can be just as fast and can even be faster than rollerblades if you’re a skilled rider.

If you are an experienced rider and want to try something new, penny boards may be a good choice for you. If you’re just starting out, though, a traditional rollerblade might be better suited for your needs.



You can rest assured that penny boards are long-lasting since they are composed of plastic components. Penny boards are significantly lighter than long skateboards. Long skateboards are constructed of wood, which is why they are often heavier and more difficult to transport. However, if you have a penny board, you can easily carry it in your car or by hand.

More comfortable:

The main benefit of using penny boards is that they are much more comfortable to ride than traditional skateboards. This is because the riders’ weight is distributed over a smaller surface area. Penny boards also allow for better maneuverability and speed than conventional rollerblades, which makes them easier to control and handle.

It can be carried around:

Penny boards are small, which means you may take them with you anywhere. It can be stored in your luggage without taking up extra room. This tool is compact, lightweight, and safe to use. 

Penny board vs skateboard for beginners:

Penny board is one of the simplest skateboards to learn on since it’s so easy to control. It’s also a great choice for beginning skateboarding. For beginners, penny boards may be a useful tool for finding your ideal balance and rolling for a short time. Furthermore, it boasts bigger wheels that are more stable and longer-lasting.

It’s simple and convenient:

One of the major advantages of using a penny board compared to other types of boards is that it is very simple to operate. It’s not only light, but it’s also tiny. If you want a board that is easy to carry and fits in your luggage, this penny board is a good option.

Has a high level of balance:

The penny board is the ideal form of a board for those who want to have great balance when riding at a high speed. There is nothing to be concerned about when you employ it in your daily routine. It is very stable and light, which only means that you’ll have an easy time while riding it every day.


It may be too small for some riders:

Some people feel that the penny board is too small and not as versatile as a regular skateboard. If you are looking for a board to commute on or do tricks, the penny board might not be the best option.

One wheel at the back:

Another reason why some people won’t put their trust in shopping for a penny board is that it only has one wheel at the back. This could make it difficult to control and steer. Because the wheel is so small, it can be challenging to stay on the board if you are traveling at a high speed.

Price issue:

Even though penny boards are significantly less expensive than longboards, some consumers thought they were pricey equipment owing to a variety of reasons. It also has a smaller size, which is fortunate since it requires fewer resources. The third disadvantage of this board is that it might not be suitable for all individuals. 

Skateboard Pros and Cons

Skateboarding is a cool sport that everyone wants to try. However, it is an extremely risky activity and can be dangerous for people who are not in good physical shape. Before you start, make sure you know the pros and cons of skateboarding.


Skateboard is safe and inexpensive transportation:

The skateboard is a cheap and easily accessible means of traveling that offers a great amount of freedom to each user. It’s compact, light, and easy to carry around; making it a convenient and recreational alternative to many other means of transportation. 

Promotes tricks that are fun to do and simple to learn:

Skateboards are simple to utilize if you wish to learn how to perform skateboarding tricks. When it comes down to it, skateboards are simply small boards with wheels underneath them. Once you learn some of the basic tricks, such as how to balance on one and how to stop, learning how to do more and more complicated tricks and maneuvers is simple. 

Forced exercise:

Unlike bicycles or scooters, skateboards need you to use your body to move them. This is great because it means that you’ll be getting some extra exercise, even if you’re only using your skateboard to commute from one place to another. 

Small in size and portable:

Skateboards are typically smaller than longboards. The longboard is rather difficult to transport. However, if we are going to evaluate its performance, it can carry out its function and is simple to control.

Compared to penny boards, it is more affordable:

Skateboards are far less expensive than penny boards and bicycles, which cannot be disputed. Saving money on a skateboard may help you spend more wisely.


Skateboarding is an amazing activity that is loved by many people in the world. However, there are also some drawbacks to skateboarding:

Dangerous sport:

Skateboarding can be dangerous as it exposes users to various risks that may lead them to injuries or even death. Although skateboards are enjoyable and good for fitness, health issues like concussions are common among those who take this sport seriously. 


Another drawback is its cost. Skateboards are not cheap because of maintenance costs incurred by riders. For example, regular replacement of bearings is necessary which may cost several dollars each time.


Most people agree that skateboarding will produce noise when used on pavement streets and highways, which may bother other commuters in public transportation. Try riding on a road that can lead you to peace and quiet with skateboarding like in the countryside, mountains, or in parks.

Which One is Better for You, a Penny Board vs Skateboard?

If you’re unsure which one to choose between a penny board and a skateboard, consider your skills. If you’re a novice skater but have enough expertise to know how to proceed, we recommend that you buy a skateboard. Make sure you get a high-end model.

However, if you’re a novice and don’t know how to skateboard alone, you should purchase a penny board rather than a skateboard. The penny board has larger wheels than a skateboard, as previously stated. It also has a large deck that will comfortably accommodate your feet in addition to its lightness.

When it comes to the skateboard’s deck, it is significantly thinner than penny boards. As a first-time user, it simply means you’ll have some obstacles in getting your balance if you’re unfamiliar with its system.

Penny Board or Skateboard for Cruising?

If you want to know which one among a penny board or a skateboard is more fitting, then we will answer that both are great for cruising. However, the skateboard will offer you more stability when you’re cruising and can do more tricks than a penny board.

The penny board comes with bigger wheels, but the skateboard’s wheel is more equipped for cruising. This implies that the penny board will offer you a smoother ride. The skateboard can carry out sharp twists and turns.

The penny board will handle your cruising speed well but the skateboard is better for quick movements. If you’re looking to go on some errands but want to take your time, it can be done with the penny board.


If you’re searching for a board that’s ideal for commuting, we recommend you get a penny board instead of a skateboard. It’s because penny boards are light and small. It simply suggests that it is transportable and may be taken with you whenever and wherever you want.

Skateboards, on the other hand, can offer you more complex and exciting experiences if you’re seeking a board that will let you try new tricks. It’s great for people who want to be pushed in their skates.

We hope that this article will help you decide on what board to purchase, whether it is a penny board or a skateboard. If you have any opinions or questions about this topic, you can contact me via the contact page.