Is Penny Board a Skateboard?

Penny board is one of the best ways to get around town, but what makes it different from other boards? …

Penny board is one of the best ways to get around town, but what makes it different from other boards? Is it a skateboard? And if so, how similar is it to a skateboard? 

If you’re wondering what a penny board is and want to find out whether or not the penny board can be considered as a skateboard, this article will be of interest. We will answer all your questions.

So, Is Penny Board a Skateboard? 

Well, by definition, a penny board is not a skateboard. They are similar in that they both have wheels and allow the rider to move around at speed, but a skateboard has a kicktail and is used for street skating. Penny board does not have a kicktail, so it is designed for cruising and not tricks.

In this article, I will explore the differences between a penny board and a skateboard, from their appearance to the materials they are made of. I also discuss some of their similarities so you can decide for yourself which board is the best option for you.

Why are they called Penny Skateboards?

These small skateboards are named Penny boards after the name of their manufacturing company, “Penny”. The company made these skateboards and named them Penny skateboards, the name later became popular. Now every skateboard of this type is called a Penny board, no matter which company is making them.

The name Penny is perfect for these types of skateboards because they are small in size, their decks are about 22 to 27 inches in length.

How much do the Penny skateboards cost?

You can find the Penny Boards in a varying price range, from around $20 to as high as $100.

Pennyboard vs skateboard

Finally, it’s time to find out which type of skateboard is better, a penny board or a standard wooden skateboard.

Let’s compare both of them side by side for a better understanding.

Size and material

Penny boards are small in size, the length of the deck of these skateboards is 22-27 inches long. Their deck is made up of plastic. 

On the other hand, standard skateboards are usually 28-32 inches long. Their deck is made of wood.


The standard wooden skateboards are highly versatile. They can be used for many skating activities and styles including skating tricks and skate ramps.

On the other hand, it’s nearly impossible to perform any tricks on penny boards.


The standard skateboards range from $28 to $32 in price whereas the Penny boards are comparatively cheaper, they are available in a price range of $22-$27.


Skateboards are heavy and big while Penny boards are small and lightweight. Therefore, carrying around a Penny board is much easier than carrying around a wooden skateboard.

Distance and speed

Penny boards are not meant for long-distance or high speed. They are not good for riding downhills and are very dangerous to ride at high speed. 

On the other hand, you can ride on standard wooden skateboards at higher speeds and longer distances as compared to the Penny boards.

Pros and Cons of Penny Skateboards

Just like everything, a Penny skateboard also has some pros and cons. Let’s go through the advantages of using Penny skateboards.

Pros of Penny Boards

  • Portability

Since the Penny skateboards are small in size, you can carry them with you where ever you want. You can easily put it in your bag pack and take it along with you while traveling. Being compact and lightweight, their handling is quite easy.

  • Good for starters

Penny skateboards are perfect skateboards to start with. If you are new to skateboarding, you should start practicing on Penny boards.

This is helpful particularly in the case of children. Full-sized skateboards are comparatively difficult to learn than the mini penny skateboards, which would be great for young children to start with.

  • Affordable

The Penny boards are easily affordable. They are usually available in a wide variety of prices ranging from as low as $20 to as high as $100. 

Generally, they are not expensive. However, cost-effective versions of the Penny skateboards are also available in the market.

  • Durable

The penny boards are made from plastic rather than wood. This makes them last longer and their maintenance is comparatively easier.

Cons of Penny Boards

Now let’s look at some drawbacks of using Penny skateboards.

  • Difficult to ride for adults

The Penny boards are good for children, but they can be way too dangerous for an average-sized adult because of the tiny deck and wheels. The feet of an adult would hardly fit on the deck of these Penny boards.

  • Limited mobility

Since Penny Boards are small and lightweight, they can be used for limited mobility. Moreover, you cannot perform any tricks or skate ramps on a Penny skateboard.

However, it is good for commuting, it is no doubt a fast and easy way to travel from one building to another ‘not so far’ building.

So, what are penny boards good for?

Penny boards are best for young children. They are good for riding short distances, but not in hilly areas. They are good when you have to stop again and again and carry the skateboard from time to time. 

They are also good when you have to ride at relatively low speeds in crowded areas.

Last but not least, if you have to choose between the standard skateboard and Penny board, remember, they are not meant for the same purpose. Before buying one, keep in mind what you want from the skateboard. 

For instance, if you want to flaunt skating tricks among your friends. Go for the standard wooden skateboard. Whereas, if you want a lightweight and compact board to travel short distances or to carry along, you should go for the Penny skateboards.