How Tight Should Skateboard Wheels Be?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as skateboarders have different preferences for how tight their wheels are. However, …

There is no definitive answer to this question, as skateboarders have different preferences for how tight their wheels are. However, a general rule of thumb is that wheels should be tightened until they are just snug, but not so tight that they are difficult to turn.

Over-tightening skateboard wheels may also prevent you from obtaining the most speed out of your board, as well. In this article, we will discuss the recommended tightness for different types of skateboard wheels.

How To Tighten Skateboard Wheels?

In order to tighten your boards wheels, you will need a skate tool and either a cone wrench or a spoke wrench (depending on the type of wheel).

The skate tool has a variety of functions, one of which is to tighten and loosen the wheel nuts. To use it, place the tool over the nut and turn it clockwise to tighten or counterclockwise to loosen.

The wheel nut should not be turned more than 1.5 complete rotations after initially touching the skate tool, as this may cause cracks in your wheel. If you are using a cone wrench, place it over the cone (the part of the wheel that sits on the axle) and turn it clockwise to tighten or counterclockwise to loosen.

Should Skateboard Wheels Spin Freely?

Ideally, you want your skateboard wheels to spin freely; this means that they should not be too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, they will not turn at all or very easily. If they are too loose, they will wobble and lose speed.

The best way to determine if your wheels are the correct tightness is to test them out on some flat ground while pushing lightly. Push with one foot while letting the wheels roll beneath you – if they resist or stop when trying to push, they are too tight. If they do not resist and keep rolling, they are too loose.

Furthermore, wheels should not be so loose that they turn freely when the board is upside down and weight is placed on it – this may cause the wheel nuts to come loose.

Expert Advice: It can take some time for new bearings to become properly seated. Don’t worry if your bearings are brand new and only spin for ten seconds. Depending on the sort and model, you can spin them for 30 seconds to a minute after they’re broken in.

What Is The Recommended Tightness For Different Types Of Skateboard Wheels?

There is no specific tightness that skateboarders should aim for. However, there are different wheel types that are better at turning at certain degrees of tightness.

Typically, the looser a wheel is, the faster it will be; however, this does not mean that lower-quality or less expensive wheels should be loosened more than more expensive or higher-quality wheels.

Some skateboarders prefer to have their street or cruising wheels be looser than their skate park and transition wheels. For normal cruising, fully loose might be best. You want to turn on a dime with no wobble. For street skating, you might want to tighten them up a bit so they will last longer. 

For Skate Park riding, you’ll want to tighten them up so that they will grip well. You don’t want your wheels wobbling out on you when you’re trying to do an Ollie.

It really just depends on the rider’s preference and what type of skating they are doing. Experiment a little and see what feels best to you. 

Should Skateboard Trucks Be Tight Or Loose?

The tightening or loosening of skateboard trucks is a different process than that of the wheels, as it depends on the type of truck you are using. Loosen the bolts on your trucks so that you can move them back and forth by hand with ease, then tighten the bolts to the tightness that is most comfortable for you.

Tightening the bolts too much may also cause damage to your wheels, so only tighten them enough so that they don’t move excessively when you turn. The tighter the truck, the faster your turning speed will be.

Loose trucks have a bit more give in them while making turns, so they will be better for cruising and carving. They will also be more forgiving if you accidentally hit a curb or other obstacle.

Most skaters prefer a medium tightness for their trucks, as it provides a good balance between speed and control. Experiment with different tightness to see what works best for you.

How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be For Beginners?

Trucks on a skateboard should be tightened enough so that they are difficult to turn by hand. This will keep them from moving around during execution of tricks, which can lead to accidents. A good place to start is to tighten the trucks until they are difficult to turn by hand about 1/4 to 1/2 a turn, but not so tight that it is difficult to loosen or tighten them.

It’s also important to check the tightness of your skateboard trucks especially if you’re a beginner, as they can become loose after a lot of use. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get on your skateboard and ride in a straight line
  • Apply pressure to the front and back of the board simultaneously
  • If the trucks move or the board slides, then your trucks are too loose
  • If you can’t lift your foot off of the board when riding, then your trucks are too tight
  • If the board feels like it will fold in half, then you should keep tightening them until it goes away
  • If the board starts to wobble, then loosen them by a turn or two
  • You should also check your bearings every once in a while to make sure they are still spinning smoothly.

When To Change The Skateboard Wheels?

The skateboard wheels get worn after time and they need to be replaced. It mainly depends on the use of your board and for what surfaces you are skating. There are some general rules to follow in order to know when it is time for a new set of wheels:

– If your wheels are really dirty, change them! Dirt can affect your bearings and accelerate the wearing of the wheels.

– If you do some flat tricks, change your wheels every 3 months.

– Change your wheels every month, in case you are doing a lot of street skating.

– If you do a lot of downhill skating, change your wheels every two weeks.

But, in the end, it is really up to you to change your wheels when you think they are really worn. The only thing we couldn’t recommend is to wait when the wheel is broken in two parts and can be potentially dangerous for you and your surroundings.


As we previously stated, your skateboard’s wheels should spin freely when turned. You don’t want the wheels to wobble on the truck’s axle, but you also don’t want them to spin freely on the axle. 

It is especially important to tighten the wheels properly if you are a beginner. That way, they will stay in one place and won’t unexpectedly come off the board while you are skating. You will also have more control over the skateboard. 

Experiment with different tightness to find the setting that is best for you. Tightening the trucks too much can damage the wheels, so be careful. When the wheels start to wear down, change them so that they will keep you safe while skating.

We hope these tips will help you tighten your skateboard wheels properly. Now go out there and have some fun. If you have any questions or would like to add your own tips, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!