Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Do you want to go exploring in the woods on the best all terrain electric skateboard free of obstacles? Or …

Do you want to go exploring in the woods on the best all terrain electric skateboard free of obstacles? Or maybe you’d want to go faster down the beach on a gorgeous day, knowing that your board will stay out of the sand? 

If you want to go off-road on your electric skateboard, you’ll need an off-road one. And electric skateboarding is growing in popularity, but with that growth has come an increasingly wide range of these board types and styles. This can make it difficult to determine which one is best for you.

Several names are used to refer to these boards. Many companies market their products as “all-terrain electric skates” or “electric mountain skateboards.” These monsters can go over any terrain, unlike your conventional electric skateboard. Many of them are mixes, and they’re fantastic on both smooth and difficult terrain.

In this article, we have reviewed dozens of boards and gathered information about bringing the following top units, so that we can help you to find the finest one.

What Type of Skateboard is Best for All Terrain and Off Road?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different skaters have different preferences and needs. However, there are a few types of skateboards that are better suited to riding on dirt or rough surfaces.

Drop Down Longboard

A drop-down longboard has angled trucks (where the wheels are attached). This angle enables the skateboard to carve out very tight turns at higher speeds. Since there is no wheel flop when the board is turned, it’s also better for doing tricks. Drop-down longboards are great for all-terrain riding, and especially off-road riding.

Skateboard with Big Wheels

A skateboard with big wheels is also a good option for all-terrain and off-road riding. The bigger wheels roll over bumps and debris easier, and they provide more stability on uneven surfaces.

Mountain Board

A mountain board is specifically designed for riding on rough terrain. It has a wider deck and bigger wheels than a traditional skateboard, and it also has shock absorbers to absorb the impact of bumps and rocks. Mountain boards are great for doing tricks, but they can also be used for cruising and transportation.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

The standard skateboard truck has a kingpin (where the axle meets the deck). This type of truck is better for doing tricks and street skating. However, reverse kingpin trucks are better for all-terrain and off-road riding. They pivot on the rear axle instead of the front, which makes it easier to carve at high speeds. However, reverse kingpin trucks can’t do as many tricks as standard kingpin trucks.

As with any sport, the best type of skateboard for all-terrain and off-road riding depends on the individual rider’s likes and dislikes. Try out a few different types of skateboards to see which one is the best fit for you.

Benefits of All Terrain Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are a great new way to get around. There are many benefits to using this board instead of a bike, especially if you live in the city. If you are looking into getting one of these boards, here are some of the advantages you can expect:

  • They are great for getting around town and are fast and easy to ride, with great maneuverability. 
  • You can easily get around traffic or go for a quick trip without having to walk or take the bus.
  • You don’t have to worry about parking because you can easily carry it inside and avoid paying a big fee for leaving your car somewhere.
  • You’ll be able to stay in shape and have fun while you commute to work or school.
  • They are a great way to exercise and a lot of fun.
  • They are safe to ride, with a brake that is easy for you to use and ensures that you stay in control.
  • These boards are ideal for the environment and are an eco-friendly way to get around that is easy on your wallet.
  • They are great for adults and kids alike, with speeds starting at 10 mph.
  • Electric skateboards are growing in popularity, so the technology is quickly improving. Many riders are reporting that the boards already available on the market today are safer, easier to use, and require less maintenance than other forms of transportation.

Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard – Our Top Picks!

It’s hard to describe what it feels like to ride an electric skateboard. They’re not quite motorcycles, they’re not quite cars, and yet they kind of are all of those things. They offer a level of freedom and exhilaration that can’t be found in any other mode of transportation.

From the products mentioned below that we have recommended to you, you can take the feelings of the best skateboard.

1. Teamgee all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

We at electric skateboard review have reviewed all types of boards, from the finest-crafted to the cheapest. In our daily search for the premier item, we discovered the Teamgee skateboard. 

It is constructed of high-quality Canadian maple and fiberglass reinforcement as there are eight pieces of Canadian maple, plus one piece of fiberglass. The first layer of protection is the skateboard’s fiberglass shell and they are difficult to scratch because of this.

You will see that the board is as thin as 15mm, not because it lacks strength, but owing to a higher grade plate that is being used. Now you can go on any road or surface during rain or shine. The electric skateboard all terrain wheels use 103mm rubber tires that have been widened by 24 holes for greater shock absorption. The holes provide a safety zone and help you ride through instability on any roadway.

For a limited time, the company will provide you with a set of polyurethane wheels (79.99 worth) for free when you purchase H20T items. You can exchange between rubber and PU wheels according to your board’s design on any type of surface. 

The electric longboard’s range, climbing ability, and maximum speed are all dependent on the rider’s weight, road surface quality, wind strength, riding style, and other conditions.

When riding, wear protective helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and other safety gear. There is an instruction manual to show you how to ride the H20T board and how to care for it.

Moreover, it has a certain degree of water resistance so you can ride it on rainy days. The 4-speed setting and the 4-brake mode can cater to your specific requirements. The speed button changes the brake modes from 1 to 4, and press it again to change the mode.

Overall, it’s simple enough for even the most inexperienced riders to enjoy, and it can adapt to the demands of various levels of riders, regardless of their experience or skill. It has a 180-day guarantee, passed the UL safety test and please contact the seller if your board has any damaged components.

  • Water-resistant
  • Electric longboard with four modes of brake
  • High speed and climbing ability on varied terrain
  • Powerful motor with a range of over 26 miles/42km
  • High-quality battery
  • If you ride this for a long time, your feet may hurt

2. AZBO all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

AZBO E-Skateboard features pneumatic tires with dimensions of 7.8 * 2 inches for better handling and stability, as well as a front & rear balancing system and the off-road wheels are magnificent.

They enable the board to trample over nearly anything, from gravel pathways to minor potholes to even damp patches of grass. It is powered by an 11 AH lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 36V that takes just over an hour to fully charge and lasts up to 3 hours when fully charged.

What we love the most is that it has a rechargeable wireless remote control for switching between forward and reverse, as well as speed adjustments, with a range of more than ten meters, which makes it perfect for cruising in the park with your kids or pets.

The fact is, this board can provide smoother acceleration than you may think and the balance between performance and price is maintained by it. With the help of an in-hub 3000W motor, you can reach a top speed of 25 MPH. The exceptional build quality and robust design of this motor are more dependable and less challenging.

Due to the FOC control system, this item is faster and has a better response time, which makes it more efficient. Plus, the throttle presents a very constant acceleration curve, which is better than other products on the market.

We are satisfied with this board because it has a very good braking system. When you need to stop, just apply the back brake and it will do the trick. The 11-ply maple deck has greater strength than other boards and bears a maximum weight of up to 290 pounds. Made of high-density emery non-slip and waterproof surface, the skateboard with remote is safer when used on.

  • All-terrain capabilities
  • Rechargeable wireless remote control
  • Robust build quality
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Constant throttle
  • Sometimes it is very loud

3. Atom all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

Atom is among the best off road electric skateboards, which is a great choice for anyone looking for a board that can handle a variety of terrain and is perfect for the rider who wants something that can handle a bit of everything.

We loved that the powerful 1000W motor managed to handle all the tough surfaces we could throw at it including gravel, grass, and water, it’s one of the few boards that can truly do it all.

The rustic wood deck is made of high-quality bamboo which gives it a nice feel and makes it sturdy enough to support even the biggest of riders without feeling flimsy.

Because of the thick rubber riser pads, this board can easily transition from street to sidewalk without any problems. It’s possible to sprint up hills steeper than you’d ever expect on a skateboard deck.

Having a maximum speed of 15 mph / 24 kph, the user can go great distances with ease. The B-Series boards from the manufacturer are the smoothest accelerating and they come with a foc sine-wave controller, which enables you to ride on more difficult terrains easier.

It utilizes the best Lithium cells available and requires them to reach 100% of their peak charge and discharge rates. Weighing just 14 pounds, the board is incredibly light to carry around and the wheel size is 10 centimeters.

  • Can handle a variety of terrain
  • High-quality bamboo deck
  • Thick rubber riser pads
  • The maximum speed of 15 mph
  • Lightweight and portable
  • None found yet

4. RALDEY all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

Raldey is a new contender in the electric skateboard market. According to their website, they were formed by “a group of engineers and skaters that share a passion for skating and the desire to develop a board that can introduce this amazing sport to more people.”

Thanks to the two belt motors and the all-terrain design, this board can handle a lot of different surfaces. It also makes the board seem more aggressive, which protects it from a variety of surfaces. We took it for a spin on packed snow, gravel roads, grass, dirt trails, and pavement. 

Weighing in at around 10.7 kilograms, it is easy to carry around and it also folds up nicely, making it easy to store or transport. We were very impressed with how it handled each ground type.

The company claims that they have plenty of stock in our overseas distribution centers in the United States, so if you buy right now, you might enjoy delivery within 2-5 days. You can buy a fantastic board with remote control in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, the AT V.2 electric off-road skateboard reaches a top speed of 28.5 miles per hour and can achieve a 30-degree angle climb. It has rubber wheels that are 195mm wide and robust, with the ability to be exceptionally smooth for safe driving.

Most of you will adore this feature that the 14 Ah battery takes only 4 hours to charge and has a consistent range of 30 kilometers. The AT V.2 decks are made of Japanese T700 carbon fiber, which makes them both lightweight and elegant. 

  • Excellent battery life
  • Fast and smooth off-road experience
  • Convenient design with folding technology
  • Offers all-terrain capabilities
  • Decks are made of Japanese T700 carbon fiber
  • Belt wheels may slip off

5. SKATEBOLT all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

This best budget all terrain electric skateboard is a great little board. It is perfect for cruising around town, on campus, or even in the park. On Breeze II, the motors are also replaceable.

Now you change the outside layer without affecting the entire motor, which is significantly more costly. The LCD screen remote control is used to check the speed and record the distance covered while riding on one charge. On the screen, it displays battery capacity, speed, direction, and remote capacity.

Most of the people prefer this unit as the company incorporated a slide start function because the majority of skaters have used to sliding start a regular skateboard. The board will turn on automatically after a few seconds of sliding.

There are four-speed modes to choose from, with the highest being 30MPH. With the 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery, it can go up to 11 miles in moderate mode on a full charge.

Besides that, it can climb a 30 percent slope with dual 900W motors. The board has 100 mm wheels installed and a set of 90 mm spare for when they wear down. Brakes are capable of regeneration. By braking downhill, you can easily charge your skateboard during the journey.

Also, its deck is constructed of bamboo and two compact layers of glass fiber, which is thrice as expensive as the Canada maple deck. When you combine the two, you have a mix that is well-balanced between flexibility and strength. The deck has a more comfortable and stable shape.

Breeze II has four distinct brake settings: light, medium, firm, and strong. You can modify the setting right on the remote control while riding. Plus, the two built-in tail lights will flash when you apply the brakes.

  • Replaceable motors
  • LCD screen remote control
  • Four-speed modes
  • Climbs a 30 percent slope
  • Two built-in tail lights
  • The skateboard is a bit heavy for some people

6. MotoTec all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

After reviewing this item we come to know that this latest Moto Tec 1600W board now comes with two motors.

With two separate motors on each rear wheel, the board can still rotate while accelerating, but it won’t twist. Its design makes it easier to handle, with better traction on dirt and no more single wheel spin.

The best power boarding experience available is provided by these boards, which marry the intensity of extreme activities with the traditional pleasures of skateboarding to produce an exhilarating pastime.

In addition to that, it has big treaded tires for maximum control and grip on virtually any surface, also on the beach. It also blends surfing, snowboarding, and other adrenaline sports with skateboarding and off-road excursions to offer you a comprehensive yet unique experience.

With a top speed of 22 mph and a riding playtime of 60-90 minutes, this cheapest all terrain electric skateboard is ideal. The battery pack must be completely charged in 3-5 hours. These cutting-edge boards are constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Weighing just 77 pounds, it can bear maximum loads of up to 260 pounds, so it is perfect for people of different weights. The product dimensions are 11 x 47 x 21 inches and the manufacturer has recommended the age of 13 months – 8 years to ride.

All in all, the decks are constructed of genuine wood and come with specially made trucks and spring suspensions. The onboard power is far superior to any other companies on the market and they all have a simple onboard LED battery life indicator that is easy to read.

  • Dual motor setup for better performance
  • Treaded tires for grip on all surfaces
  • Ideal for ages 13 months – 8 years old
  • High-quality materials are used in construction
  • Perfect for the beach, dirt, and sidewalks
  • An expensive skateboard

7. KYNG all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

KYNG is powered by two 825W dual motors for a maximum output of 1650 Watts. The user can now take a thrilling journey at breakneck speeds of up to 25 plus miles per hour with the exciting board.

It has an 8-layer Canadian maple wood construction and has a 2-layer bamboo deck with a maximum weight capacity of 325 pounds, which provides an amazing and smooth ride. This longboard boasts an amazing range: up to 12-15 miles!

Moreover, its simple responsive throttle remote has an LED screen for easy operation. Its huge 11000mAh Rechargeable lithium battery can be charged in just 2 hours and offers many hours of usage time and the board’s motor is designed to endure with an N63 Brushless motor. 

After-sales service from KYNG ensures that your board is in good running order. The company is offering a one-year warranty for the skateboard and a six-month warranty for the battery.

You will like that the wheel is a 20cm x 5cm rubber pneumatic tire that can withstand the elements and travel nearly everywhere. It is covered in fiberglass, providing maximum protection against scuffs and wear. The IP54 waterproof rating lets you ride with confidence in any weather!

Another great feature is that its intuitive and ergonomic controller has an LED screen that shows the controller’s battery status, odometer, speed, forward/reverse indicator, and 4-speed selector. It is controlled using 2.4G RF technology and high-frequency wireless remote control. The thumb throttle provides precise control and braking, making it simple and quick to operate.

8. LEBISAG all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

The design of the Lebisag is simple yet very functional, with its smooth curves and hard edges to help it roll over obstacles in its path. The board is light and well-balanced, making it comfortable to ride at high speeds or when cruising slowly around town. 

You can ride at night with ease. The headlights illuminate a distance of 10-15 meters. The built-in rechargeable battery gives you plenty of range to get where you need to go, and the wireless remote control makes it easy to get started and stop when you need to.

We loved that the board has lights that can be controlled from the screen remote on the front, sides, and rear. The most recent technological advancements, such as fixed road speed, cruise control, distance traveled, and more are all included in the remote control.

Surprisingly the company had looked at the majority of skateboards on the market, and finally, they settled on 38 cm (15 inches) as the ET truck width. The ET’s stability at high speeds may be enhanced by the width of its deck.

Furthermore, the 150 x 50 mm airless wheels are perfect for city, rough asphalt, or dirt roads. These tubes include an internal honeycomb structure, eliminating the risk of tire punctures. The honeycomb structure also guarantees a firm grip, and vibration transmission is significantly reduced.

The 20-mile range is backed by real-world test conditions (75kg test rider, traveling at 28km/h on 150mm off-road tyres) and it boasts the highest top speed of any production board on the market, at 35 mph, while also delivering more torque than you’ll ever require.

  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Smooth curves and hard edges
  • Illuminates a distance of 10-15 meters
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Wireless remote control
  • Its headlights need improvement

9. Devo all-terrain Electric Skateboard

Our Review:

Devo electric longboard has a range of 8–10 miles when fully charged in 2 hours, allowing for plenty of uninterrupted time on the road. 

It is powered by a 29.4v 2000mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which allows for acceleration, braking, and hill-climbing to be controlled from the wireless remote. It can reach speeds of up to 20KM/H and can hold a rider up to 220 pounds (we recommend not to exceed this weight limit).

For the expert to the novice border, there are three distinct speed settings provided by the smooth throttle. The minimum speed is 10KM/H, the medium speed is 15KM/H and the maximum speed is 20KM/H so you can trust that this board will suit you.

In addition to that, the board has a 7-layer Canadian maple wood deck that can support an adult person for an insane and smooth ride. Its high-density surface provides a non-slip and waterproof surface that makes you more secure.

On your way back home, the driving lights are there for you. The night is split with twin led lights that run at each end of the board. They are bright and cast a wide beam so that you can be safe while skating in the dark. It also has high-rebound 72 mm polyurethane wheels with adequate elasticity and hardness, as well as being fast and long-lasting.

Overall, the weight of the board is 3.5 kilograms, has a deck width of 8.66 inches, and a length of 70 centimeters. The dimensions are 70x22x14cm or 27.5×8.7×5.5inches. The 350W signal motor provides a smooth, silent ride at any speed.

  • Range of 8-10 miles
  • Powered by Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Reach speeds of up to 20KM/H
  • Weighs 3.5 kilograms
  • 7 layer Canadian maple wood
  • It may not be suitable for riders over 220 pounds

Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard – Buying Guide

As an all-terrain electric skateboard enthusiast, you no doubt want to buy the best possible board for your needs. That’s why we’re here to help you make an informed decision by providing the following buying guide.

First things first, let’s pull up a list of features that we think you should be looking for when it comes to an electric skateboard:


With a good rough surface board, you should be able to get up to 10 miles of range on a single charge. This is important if you plan on using your board for commuting or long-distance travel.


You should also consider how well the board can handle hills. For example, a good board will be able to make it up a 30% grade hill without sacrificing the speed or range of its motor.


The best motor will be smooth and powerful. Look for an off-the-shelf motor with at least 500 watts of power and a top speed of at least 15 mph.


The weight of the board is also important, especially if you plan on carrying it around with you. Look for a board that weighs less than 25 pounds.


The deck of the board is also essential to consider. You want a deck that is rated for at least 50 psi and provides ample grip while remaining comfortable to stand on.

Weight-bearing Capacity

You should get a board that can support your weight (at least 220 pounds). Plus, the deck should be made of high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear.


Consider getting a removable battery. This way, you can carry the battery inside your backpack without adding too much weight to it.

Charging Time

Ideally, the board’s battery should take less than two hours to fully recharge and should come with a charger that is UL-certified and ought to last for at least four hours.


Look for an electric skateboard that comes with at least one regenerative braking mode. This way, you can fully recharge the battery of the board as you ride it down a hill.


Of course, the price of the board will also affect your final decision. Look for a board that can fit within your budget without sacrificing quality.


Finally, you’ll want to consider the remote that comes with the board. Make sure it is easy to use and has a good range.


Q: Can electric skateboards go off-road?

A: Yes, they can go off-road as long as the road is hard-packed dirt. Since they are powered by motors, you can ride them anywhere you can take a normal longboard. It provides a more comfortable and stable journey over difficult terrain as well as smooth surfaces.

Q: Can I use an electric skateboard as a regular skateboard?

A: They have the same safety rating as regular skateboards and pose no risk to their components, including the engine or pulleys. You can use them as a normal skateboard.

Q: Can electric skateboards climb hills?

A: These skateboards are designed to go uphill easily. On the flat ground, they are faster than regular skateboards, with the only difference being that you use a joystick to accelerate or decelerate instead of having to push off the ground. Electric skateboards are considered faster than electric bicycles, which usually have a top speed of 20 mph.

Q: How far can I go with a fully charged battery?

A: This depends on the type of skateboard that you have. Electric skateboards can be used for at least eight miles on a single charge, which is more than the average user will cover in a day.

Q: Are electric skateboards waterproof?

A: Yes, most of these boards are waterproof, but not all. It is important to check the specifications of your board to be sure. If you are looking for a board that is both waterproof and can go off-road, we suggest you consider the KYNG skateboard.


Electric skateboards are a great way to get around town or commute to work. Not only do they provide a fun and exciting ride, but they are also a more environmentally-friendly option than cars or motorcycles.

When choosing an electric skateboard, it is important to consider the factors mentioned in this article, such as weight, power, and deck type. We suggest you get a board that is durable, comfortable to ride, and has a removable battery. This way, you can carry it with you to reduce the number of trips that you make in your car.

We hope this guide work has served as your ultimate guide to buying an electric skateboard. With this information, you’ll be ready to purchase with complete confidence. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.